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Ensure all women have access to lifesaving screenings for breast cancer

  • Over 10,000 Lake Houston area residents have benefited to date

  • 500-600 Services performed per year

  • 6-12 cancers detected per year


Sandra's Story:

"I had a Mammogram, Ultrasound and Biopsy – all resulting in a diagnosis of stage 3 breast cancer. These dollars made sure I am here today - 10 years cancer free!"

Image by Ellieelien

Crysten’s Story:

“I found a lump at 30 and my insurance would not cover a diagnostic mammogram due to my age.  Scared, stressed and overwhelmed I found Project Mammogram.  At NO COST to me, I received a diagnostic mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy. Thankfully, my biopsy results were benign. Peace of Mind is a gift.”


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