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COVID-19 Safety Procedures

With the impacts of COVID-19 on our community, we have heard from some of you who have lost your insurance as you have recently lost your job. Project Mammogram is here for you. We are here to serve you in this difficult time with lifesaving screenings for those who need it now more than ever. Project Mammogram provides essential health services to our patients and have implemented protocols and procedures for protection and to continue our mission and be well-positioned to serve our community. We have sufficiently prepared with appropriate PPE to ensure the safety of our patients and implemented and continue to practice diligent screening of all employees, physicians, and patients as they enter the building each day. Actively social distancing and thoroughly disinfecting and cleaning all surfaces after each patient is seen, ensures confidence that we can continue to service patients in a safe and efficient manner.

If you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to contact us at 281-540-6443. We are pleased that we can continue to serve you, our patients during this difficult time.



Enhanced Safety Precautions & Procedures Implemented:

  • Personal Protective Equipment Provided for Patients and Staff

  • Screenings and Examination Rooms and Mammography Equipment Deep Cleaned After Every Exam

  • Temperature Check of All Patients, Employees, and Physicians at Check-in

  • Reduced Patient Volume, Allowing for One Hour Cleaning Time In Between and No Waiting Time for Patients

  • Pre-appointment Patient Screening, and if Positive to any Questions, Procedure is Canceled

What to Expect with Enhanced Safety Precautions & Procedures at Your Project Mammogram Visit:

  • We are scheduling patients with an hour in between so the examination room and equipment can be thoroughly sanitized.

  • When a patient arrives, the patient calls 281-540-6443 and waits in their car until the nurse calls to allow them into the building.

  • The patient will be met at the front by a nurse who will provide a mask if the patient isn’t wearing one. The nurse will administer a temperature check and ask the screening questions recommended by the CDC in order to clear the patient to continue with their appointment.

  • Once the patient passes screening, the nurse will accompany the patient to the screening room and clinical examination suites for necessary services.


Outreach and Area Mission Visits:

  • Project Mammogram is unable to visit area missions to recruit patients and share the lifesaving screening services available at Project Mammogram. Therefore, flyers are being distributed at smaller area health clinics and also distributed to the local missions to include in food boxes and other distributions as additional outreach to the community.

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