Letter from the Co-Chairs

Carol Prince & Cristi Cardenas

When we enthusiastically agreed to co-chair the 13th Annual In the Pink Luncheon, we never imagined that just a few short months later we, as a nation, would be dealing with a pandemic. How quickly Covid-19 has reshaped all of our lives! We’re living with fear because we really don’t know what the short and long term effect of this virus will be. The economic fallout is being felt globally, nationally, and locally, where it’s creating hardships for so many families and businesses in our Lake Houston community. We can’t recall a time when our entire nation has felt such a direct and prolonged impact.


Consequently, as Chairs, we are left with the obvious question: What should we do about our event, our committee, and most importantly our mission?

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After a number of discussions, the same message kept coming through loud and clear. Project Mammogram MUST go on and its mission fulfilled. We recognize that, in the midst of a health and financial crisis, our decision to continue will be an uphill battle. Yet, it is an extremely worthy one. The alternative --to do nothing--would definitely have even more far-reaching consequences for so many of our most vulnerable community members. So many have lost jobs and their health insurance during this economic catastrophe. Therefore, an even greater need for the services provided by Project Mammogram exists and will undoubtedly continue to grow. Recognizing the importance and the grave need for such services in our community, we, as an executive team, collectively decided not to abandon this mission. Although our course of action will need some modifications, we feel confident that, in spite of the present challenges, this mission of hope will be successful.

These trying times make requests for financial support more difficult. However, we ask that you consider supporting us in any way you can. If you’ve attended our luncheon in the past, consider recommitting to a sponsorship level. If you’ve attended the event in the past, consider sponsoring a mammogram ($150) for a community member in need. Support us with a ($20) donation towards a gas card. Talk to your groups and/or organizations about creating small fundraisers that can support our cause. Help by putting us in contact with organizations or corporations that may offer grant opportunities. We will take, and be eternally grateful for, any help you can provide.

There will come a day when this moment in time will pass and life, although different, will feel a bit more normal. Until then, we have an opportunity to be a Shade of Pink in someone's life. We’re asking you to join us today in creating a better tomorrow for our community.

We will see you “In the Loop"!

Cristi Cardenas & Carol Prince